10 - 04 - 2014

So its official dad now owns a 3wheel courtesy of sunil uncle. Well good for him.

Me I’m progressing on WordPress bootstrap design . Ziera is pushing me too hard but maybe it’s a good thing.

Mom sent 40k. Gave 10 to emil. 5 to Ann. 2 to achci. 1 each to sheril and shehan.

10 New Gorgeous Screenshots from Dragon Age: Inquisition
Is Facebook Planning to Build a Virtual World with Oculus Rift?

Waterproof, Bulletproof, Diamond-Covered Suit with A/C for $3.2 Million

Swiss designer Suitart has made this weird/awesome suit specifically for folks like Barney Stinson who just loves suits more than anything.

Solar-Powered Toilet Turns Human Poop Into Fuel

A group of researchers at the University of Colorado has designed a new toilet that transforms human poop into fuel.

Keyboard Made of LEGO

LEGO fan Jason Allemann made this awesome keyboard using nothing but some pieces of LEGO and a few other circuit parts from a discarded keyboard.