From 2015 to 2020 – Timeline of All the Upcoming DC and Marvel Superhero Movies

Farmer Grows Pumpkins in the Shape of Frankenstein’s Monster

After spending a lot of time experimenting, going through 27 varieties of pumpkin and spending roughly $400,000, genius farmer Tony Dighera has come up with some plastic molds to grow the pumpkins in the shape of the creepy creature. READ MORE

Russia’s new Billboards Showing Breasts Causes Over 500 Road Accidents

Giveaway: Win 5 Steam Keys for ‘Antisquad’

If you enjoy playing platformer and turn-based strategy games, you are going to love Antisquad. This game features turn-based tactics, stunning visuals, a great story, character specialization and a wide variety of gears and weapons to play around. Enter the Giveaway Here

Guy Creates Life-Size World of Warcraft Goblin Copter

No need to spend time playing World of Warcraft to reach level 60, this dude from China has crafted a geeky life-size version of the Goblin gyrocopter without any expert riding or engineering skills. READ MORE

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