New Jetpack Helps Soldiers Run Faster than Usain Bolt

A group of researchers at Arizona State University has developed a new kind of a jetpack…

Amazing Luxury Watch Made from Parts of an AK-47

The Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle is a stunning timepiece made from parts of an old AK-47 assault rifle.

Real Life ‘Gollum’ Spotted in China

This photo of a weird creature in a forest in China went viral over the internet in the past couple of days, referring to it as a picture of a real-life Gollum.

Giant LEGO Bender Liquor Cabinet

Using about 20,000 LEGO bricks, Drake has built this Bender 6-foot-tall liquor cabinet for the Brickworld 2014 convention in Chicago. SEE MORE

Lyre Made of Human Skull

Musicians always say that no matter which instrument you play, they always make beautiful music. I wonder if they could say the same for this terrifying 19th century Lyre made out of a real human skull. READ MORE

Awesome Fallout 3 Wazer Wifle Replica Could Be Yours for £395

Artist Thomas Hughes wanted to bring this fantastic weapon to life, and so he did. Using wood and fiberglass, Hughes has handmade the Wazer Wifle into reality in life-size at 1 meter long.